Natural Cooling

Natural Cooling – Passive cooling techniques can be used to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, mechanical air conditioning requirements in areas where cooling is a dominant problem. The cost and energy effectiveness of these options are both worth considering by homeowner and builders. There are three major sources of unwanted summer heat: direct solar impacts on a building and through windows and skylights; heat transfer and infiltration, of exterior high temperatures, through the materials and elements of the structure; and the internal heat produced by appliances, equipment, and inhabitants. Mirage Retractable Screens provide numerous, customizable options to create effective ways of natural cooling in any home.

30May 2017

Ideas for your Outdoor Living Space featuring Mirage Screen Systems: Patio, Garage, Lanai or Hot Tub–the possibilities are endless! One of the biggest trends lately is being able to create usable and practical outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are often frustrated that they cannot use their outdoor space year-round due to temperature, insects or other factors. Thankfully, […]

10May 2017

Signs You Need A Retractable Screen & the Benefits of Mirage!  You would like fresh air circulating throughout your home  Bugs or other pests are getting into your house  Your expensive and stylish entry door is blocked by a fixed screen  You wish to reduce the cost of air-conditioning  You have a view that you […]

07Mar 2017

Energy Efficiency and Natural Cooling using Retractable Screens Energy efficient home designs and construction are moving to the forefront for home buyers as energy prices continue to rise and the concerns about global warming are becoming more prevalent everywhere.  Consumers are seeking every method available to cut the costs of air conditioning with substantially less […]