FAQs for Mirage Retractable Window Screens

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Retractable Screens

Mirage is committed to helping you find the right power screen solution for your home, commercial or unique outdoor space. Our FAQ should answer most of your questions, but if not, your local authorized Mirage dealer can provide a free consultation. For the authorized Mirage Dealer near you, visit our Dealer Locator.

What is a Mirage Power Screen?

The Mirage Motorized Screen System is for larger openings than the original Mirage Retractable Screen System —as wide as 25 feet and as high as 16 feet in a single unit, or as small as 3 feet by 3 feet.  It is powered with an integrated motor that is operated by a remote control up to 75 feet away.  Mirage Power Screens are ideal for back porch openings, large condo balconies, and garages used as playrooms or workshops.  During a screen consultation, your authorized Mirage Dealer can show you a demonstration model so you can envision how it will work for your specific application. View residential and commercial photos.

How durable is the Mirage Power Screen?

Tracks, weight bar, and angle are all extruded aluminum designed for strength and durability.  Roll formed hoods are lightweight designed for aesthetic appeal.  All fasteners are stainless steel and will stand up to unfavorable weather conditions and not rust.  Screen mesh material is designed for insect and solar protection – during inclement weather, it is recommended to roll up your Mirage Power Screen. 

Can a Mirage Power Screen accommodate a large opening?


Yes! Mirage Power Screens are capable of converting virtually any open space into a useable room. We can accommodate a motorized screen solution as wide as 25 feet and as high as 16 feet in a single unit, or as small as 3 feet by 3 feet. Ask your authorized Mirage Dealer for further details on our automated screen solutions at the touch of a button!

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There are so many power screens on the market – why should I choose Mirage?


We’re not going to fill your head with a list of gimmick-like reasons why Mirage is better – in a side-by-side comparison, our product quality speaks for itself. Not all power screens in the marketplace are alike – we recommend you shop and compare product offerings to ensure you’re getting the right power screen solution for your home or commercial space. You should also pay close to attention when choosing a screen specialist for your home. Here’s a few important questions to ask.

How much does a Power Screen cost?

Mirage Power Screens are very competitively priced without sacrificing quality, a high level of customer service or skilled installation. Because each screen application is unique and custom made to fit, your authorized Mirage Dealer will need to ask you a few questions about your screen solution before providing a *quote over the phone. Yes, over the phone!
*Please note that some screen solutions may require a visit to your home before a quote can be provided.

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How easy are Mirage Retractable Screens to clean and take care of?

What appeals most to homeowners about Mirage Screens is the low maintenance. At all times, keep the motor away from direct contact with the elements. At least once a year, we recommend:

  • If you need to wash your screen or housing, use warm soapy water and a soft clean cloth and apply gentle pressure.
  • We also suggest you liberally lubricate the zipper tracks every 3 months with Mirage Silicone spray lubricant (ask your Mirage dealer).
  • Screens should be kept free of holes and be completely intact. Periodically inspect screens for cuts, scratches, or holes. Repair or replace damaged screens.

With these simple maintenance procedures, you will be amazed how smoothly and easily your Mirage Screen continues to operate and how well Mirage sustains its appearance.

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Can a Mirage Retractable Screen provide solar protection and reduce glare?


We offer a number of solar protection solutions for your home whether you’re after a sunscreen solution and protection from harmful U/V rays, wish to maintain cooler surroundings in an outdoor space, or even create some privacy, we can build ‘automated’ comfort. An authorized Mirage Dealer can assess your screen requirements. Our network of Mirage dealers enjoy solving these types of problems by providing a quality product that will make your home more livable and comfortable.

I have windy outdoor space that I’d like to use year round – do you have a Power Screen Solution?

Absolutely! We have a number of options to customize your Power Screen. Visit our accessories page to review further details to fit your needs beyond the ordinary!

Can a Mirage Power Screen be made to match my home’s décor?

Of course! Mirage Power Screens offer a world of colors. Your authorized Mirage dealer can help you choose a color that matches your décor. We can also offer a unique custom color match program. See our color and sizes page for more details...

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Do you have screens large enough to install on an overhead garage door?


This is a very popular screen solution. Mirage offers a power screen solution for an opening as wide as 25 feet by 16 feet high not to mention at the push of a button. Visit our photo gallery to view how an automated screen solution can compliment your home.

Do you offer a commercial screen solution for a restaurant location?


Yes, we do. Mirage’s Power Screen commercial units are designed for business. We can offer consumers a clear view, while providing protection from unfavourable weather conditions. We can position the vinyl panel at almost any height to allow maximum visibility. Heating and cooling costs can be kept to a minimum which can lower your energy bills. Not to mention we offer a choice of screen fabrics in various colours.

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How are Mirage Retractable Screens installed?

Because every Mirage Power Screen is custom made for an application, Mirage is a professionally installed screen system. Depending on the application, Power Screens can be surface mounted or mounted inside the jam, on the interior or the exterior of a home. Your authorized Mirage dealer will brief you on further details during your free screen consultation.

How long does it take to install a Mirage Power Screen system?


Installation time varies depending upon the type of application and can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Your Mirage Dealer will be able to provide these details during the quotation process.

What sort of warranty do you offer for Mirage Retractable Screens?


Mirage offers a competitive warranty – 5 years for the motor, one year for the transmitter, and a lifetime warranty for components (side track, weight bar, hood). The only thing that is not warranteed is the actual screen from Acts of God or Human error. Yes, owners who drive their car through the screen need to pay for replacement!

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