4 Reasons How Retractable Screens Increase Your Home’s Value

Retractable screen doors & motorized screens are usually viewed as a nice-to-have addition to your home, but more studies have shown that installing retractable screens increase the value of your home. One study of 439 diners that was published by FSR Magazine discovered that almost half (43%) of consumers aged 25 to 34 were more willing to pay extra for food and beverages at outdoor bars, which justifies the restaurant investing in retractable screens. Another study showed that 70% of homeowners who replaced their garage doors claimed that it increased the value of their residence. Mirage has recently released a new product in our motorized screen line, the Horizon 4800 is a large opening retractable screen that is easy to install, reasonably priced and is a perfect solution for sun & insect control. The H4800 is controlled through a powerful Somfy remote or your mobile device. Here are a few reasons why installing retractable screen doors can increase your house value:

  1. Protect the interior of your outdoor living space from harmful sun rays

We all know that the sun projects harmful UV rays that can be damaging to your outdoor living space and patio furniture. The effects of these can be detrimental to not only your patio furniture but also to yourself and your family. Our large opening retractable screens will help the longevity of your outdoor living space and protect your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

  1. Energy saving

Retractable screen doors are a great alternative to air conditioning during the spring & summer. Mirage retractable screens enable cross-ventilation in your home, which allows fresh air inside without the pesky bugs! Some of our valued customers have claimed that they have saved $250 in the summer from efficiently using their retractable screens. When an appraisal is done on your home these factors are considered, which will correlate to an increase in your home’s value on the open market.

  1. Increased Curb Appeal

Motorized screens transform your outdoor living space by adding a new dimension. The presence of having motorized screens on your patio or outdoor living space will give the impression that your home value is above the rest. Investing in motorized screens now will not only benefit your home in the short term, but it will also increase the interest and price when you’re wanting to sell.  Retractable screen doors are also very aesthetically pleasing as they don’t disrupt the appearance of your entry door like other screen doors do. Retractable screen doors retract into their housing which hides the meshing until you need to use it.

  1. Creates more livable space

Motorized screens and retractable screen doors allow fresh air into your home, exposing your home to the elements without all the pesky bugs and critters. By screening in your patio or outdoor living space you essentially expand your livable space as the screens are great for sun & insect control, and they come in many different variations for different needs. Having a screened in outdoor living space will not only appeal to your buyer, but it will also effectively create an extended great room for your family to enjoy. To learn more about the benefits of installing a Mirage Retractable Screen in your home contact your local Mirage Authorized Dealer.

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