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Mirage Screens Edmonton AB - Dealer Info


Mirage Retractable Screen Systems provide numerous benefits for the Edmonton homeowner. Mirage retractable screen doors and window screens are available in dozens of incredible color choices to match your home’s style and décor. The screens’ durability and quality construction means they’ll last for years with just regular care and maintenance.

Your retractable screens will:

  • Allow you to open your windows or doors as needed
  • Allow cross ventilation and cool fresh air into your home
  • Provide comfort when needed
  • Help you save on air conditioning costs
  • Keep mosquitoes and other pests out of the home
  • During hot summer months, it’s wonderful to have a well-ventilated home that allows cool breezes to help keep your home comfortable while minimizing the need to run costly air conditioning.

    Zyla Industries is an experienced, authorized Mirage Retractable Screen Systems dealer. Whenever we install Mirage retractable window screens and retractable screen doors our customers can’t say enough good things about them. In fact, most of our new clients come through our client referrals given by those who have purchased the Mirage screen system.

    Mirage screens are available in dozens of wonderful color choices to match your home’s style and décor.

    Many of our customers are also pet owners and have found that their Mirage retractable screen doors have helped keep small dogs or cats safely inside the house. We also offer a heavier, more durable screen mesh that outlasts a pet collision, kids at play, even flying objects. No retractable screen door is 'pet proof' but it certainly can act as a deterrent.

    Zyla Industries in Edmonton Alberta can screen just about any kind of door, single entryway, or double/French door, plus in-swing or out-swing models for both doors and windows.

    If you are shopping around for a durable retractable screen door or window system, give us a call at 780-800-4023 or send us an email for a free in-home consultation and product demonstration. We look forward to being of service.

    Zyla Industries is an authorized dealer for Mirage retractable screens in Edmonton Alberta.

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    Zyla Customer Reviews

    "Very good company to deal with - love that I can open my patio doors without having to worry about bugs - thank you." M. Nanji - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Excellent quality screen doors. Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and well-experienced installer. Highly recommended to other customers." D. Dang - Edmonton, AB

    "Very good service. Install was very soon after initial phone call, and took very little time." R. Paron - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Screen was installed while I was on holidays. I was PLEASANTLY surprised and very pleased with the door. It fit well and worked extremely well. Smooth move with little effort. I can't believe I didn't have one installed before now." I. Anderson - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Excellent product and professional installation...thanks!" D. Antonuk - Sturgeon County, AB

    "As always, the purchase process was simple and efficient. The service person was informative about the product and installation, as well as careful/respectful in carrying out the installation. The Mirage Retractable Screen door is solid quality, (this is our second Mirage purchase), works well, looks good - and is about 1/2 the price of the high-profile brand!" A. Leclair - Edmonton, AB

    "Rated highly and the dealer was pleasant and professional" R. Friedt - Sherwood Park, AB

    "The dealer was very accommodating with installation and date." L. Cody - Beaumont, AB

    "Very beautiful and low profile. Works like a charm. Does not jam and has smooth operation." K. Leong - Edmonton, AB

    "They were on time and courteous. Answered my questions after installation and heard me out regarding product options." D. Hartlieb - St. Albert, AB

    "Very knowledgeable and experienced installer!" B. Aboughoche - Edmonton, AB

    "Very good. Well informed, told us about what we required to keep the screen door working properly. Was in and out in less than an hour, and did a fantastic job!" E. Sapiano - Edmonton, AB

    "Very good service from dealer and installer. Very accommodating to dates and time of install, very fast and efficient. Knew all of the answers to my questions and loved the fact that he offered to plug the holes from our old screen door. This is our second door from them and we just love it." D. & M. Murphy - Edmonton, AB

    "Very pleased with the product so far. Zyla Industries was very easy and pleasant to work with. They went out of their way to ensure I was happy with the service and installation." B. Finlayson - Edmonton, AB

    "Works and looks great! Professionally installed by Ryan from Zyla Industries. Courteous and prompt for scheduled appointment and answered all our questions regarding use and maintenance. Cost effective for Mirage quality. A job well done!" P. Mirochnick - St. Albert, AB

    "The installer was very friendly, and knowledgeable. The service was excellent, very clean and I would definitely recommend Zyla Industries & the Mirage retractable screen door to anyone who would be interested in purchasing a retractable." R. Beach - Edmonton, AB

    "Very satisfied with the installation process." S. Carr - Edmonton, AB

    "Great service, we love our new retractable screen!" A. Wildenhoff-Henrion - Edmonton, AB

    "The dealer who installed [retractable screen] did a great job in explaining how the system works." L. Buhay - St. Albert, AB

    "Very good service, installation and product" J. Jung - Edmonton, AB

    "Great Experience!" C. McPhee - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Ryan the installer was a very nice helpful young man." R. & S. Hedberg - Sherwood Park, AB

    "I saw the Mirage screens at someone else's house and was impressed by the quality. The installer was excellent and informed me of the warranty and I am glad that I chose this product." G. Richter - Carvel, AB

    "Love them. They don't take away the beauty of my doors when they're not in use." A. Harvie - AB

    "I bought 3 screens from Jason. He was very accommodating and professional. The product is really good quality and I am very pleased with how they turned out." A. Nadeau - Edmonton, AB

    "Ryan was very friendly and efficient!" D. Caffeey - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Our installer was absolutely professional, courteous and very qualified. He explained all of the details from installation, maintenance and warranty. We will definitely highly recommend Mirage and Zyla Industries." M. Halun - Edmonton, AB

    "We figured if Costco endorsed the product, it would be a good bet!" T. Shelly - Edmonton, AB

    "Quality service with a smile. Very personable and courteous. Good workmanship. Doors are constructed of better materials than what I had before. The screens are higher quality and I liked the brass rollers rather than the plastic that my previous retractable door" J. Woeppel - Edmonton, AB

    "The gentleman Jason Zyla was very good at what he does and good at telling us how to care for our new screen." R.E. Martin - Edmonton, AB

    "Great job by Zyla Industries! Professional and they cared about the quality of their work. They also took time to explain the care and maintenance of the screen, as well as the warranty. Would recommend Zyla and Mirage to anyone!" C. McDonald - Spruce Grove

    "Purchase at Costco was simple. They had all the details right there. The Zyla installer, Jason was great. He called before he arrived and took the time to explain the installation process and screen system. We are very happy with the install and service." D. Albright - Sherwood PArk, AB

    "Our installer was absolutely professional, courteous and very qualified. He explained all of the details from installation, maintenance and warranty. We will definitely highly recommend Mirage and Zyla Industries." M. Halun - Edmonton, AB

    "Wow! So simple and easy to use. So far the best screen I have ever seen. And the customer service and install was great!" S. Murray - St. Albert, AB

    "This is my first time dealing with Zyla Industries. Jason Zyla installed the 2 screen doors for me. He was very professional and expedient in his services. I would recommend his company for similar services." R. Lau - Edmonton, AB

    "I like the screen. It is very handy, better than putting a whole door with screen. Dealer is very nice, pleasant person and does his work efficiently." S. Kanwal-Sidhu - Edmonton, AB

    "Everything was fast & efficient & installer left good instructions" W. Wagar - Leduc, AB

    "Great! Scheduling installation was a breeze. Installer was quick and professional." N. Janke - Edmonton, AB

    "The product is fantastic! The customer service was fantastic as well!" A. Raw - Spruce Grove, AB

    "My house is vented NATURALLY by Mirage!" E. Okeke - Edmonton, AB

    "Jason Zyla installed our screen door and did a very good job. After the install, he gave us a short tutorial on the operation, care and maintenance of the door. I would recommend Jason." N. & P. Deagle - St. Albert, AB

    "Jason Zyla was very knowledgeable and Mirage looks like a very reliable product. We are very impressed with the fast installment." S. Malysh - Spruce Grove, AB

    "Jason with ZYLA Industries was extremely knowledgeable about the product and warranty. Very professional with quality of workmanship and screen door of our color choice installed in less than 20 minutes! Very nicely done! We are very pleased with our new screen door." C. Gilfoil - Edmonton, AB

    "They were awesome!! Installation was quick and very well done. They were friendly and very accommodating when scheduling the installation date. I love my retractable screen door!!!" T. Achtymichuk - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Very pleased with installation." R. & M. Casovan - Edmonton, AB

    "Jason from Zyla Industries was simply amazing. Not only was he punctual with the appointment but he also called 20 minutes prior to let me know he was on his way. He and another assistant were clean and efficient during installation and afterwards explained how it worked as well as warranty information. I would recommend anyone looking for the product to Jason for their amazing service and friendliness" H. & C. Wang - Edmonton, AB

    "Very Professional Installer." F. Ammar - Edmonton, AB

    "Professional prompt service. Quality installation" W. Cissell - Sherwood Park, AB

    "The appointment was on schedule. The workmanship was good" D. Gounden - Edmonton, AB

    "Very good. Jason Zyla came on time and he was quick and professional." M. Sima - Edmonton, AB

    "It was very quick and easy process." A. Tavaroli - Sherwood Park, AB

    "The Screen was purchased to replace a Damaged Screen, the Installer was excellent, he came on time and was very efficient in what he did, and was certain to tell me everything about my new screen. Costco is always wonderful with service and quality products. I was very comfortable in purchasing my screen from Costco. The installation time and date were set up at my convenience." D. French - Edmonton, AB

    "Lowest price for great quality." A. & T. Chambers - Dover Court, AB

    "Jason was very cordial to deal with. He worked quickly and efficiently, installing the screen within an hour." S. Ellenburgh - Seba Beach, AB

    "Jason Zyla and his co-worker were very friendly and extremely efficient. They did an excellent job and I am very happy with the results." B. Gaalaas - Edmonton, AB

    "Fast, professional, clean and courteous." K. Keohan - St Albert, AB

    "Great Service - Great Door!" J. Wilson - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Quality product at a quality dealer with fast service" P. Guspodarchuk - Devon, AB

    "The installers were very efficient and knowledgeable" N. Herian - Edmonton, AB

    "Excellent product and excellent installation service." Z. Chen - Edmonton, AB

    "The Service was great and door works well!" K. Paltzat - Edmonton, Alberta

    "Jason arrived at scheduled time (his partner called ahead to give 15 minutes warning), was friendly and efficient, and gone 45 minutes later leaving behind a cleanly installed, good-looking product. Thanks." D. & S. Watson - Edmonton, AB

    "I am extremely happy with the product and the Dealer was most professional during the entire installation." E. Dezse - Edmonton, AB

    "Everyone was great that I dealt with, the install was so fast and I am so very happy with my new screen!!!" S. Johnson - Leduc, AB

    "Installer was extremely pleasant and professional. Excellent overall service, would absolutely recommend to friends and family." R. Berry - Edmonton, AB

    "I have no prior experience. The retractable screen door has just been installed at our back door today. If it serves its purpose, I intend to install it at our front door as well." S. Islam - Edmonton, AB

    "Fast, friendly, polite and efficient. Love the screen!" J. Vogrinetz - Apruce Grove, AB

    "He was a knowledgeable and experienced installer and best of all he is friendly." P. Humphrey - Sturgeon County, AB

    "Installer came on time, did his job and was friendly, screen works well." J. Bachinski - St. Albert, AB

    "Quality of install was top notch! Great screen door for my situation." J. & T. Zook - Edmonton, AB

    "Very nice door. I'm looking forward to spring! It's also a huge bonus for me that it is made in Canada." L. McAleese - Edmonton, AB

    "The dealer was very knowledgeable and helpful answering questions. Installation was a snap and it's practically invisible. I'm going to love my new Mirage Retractable Screen door." D. & V. Smith - Edmonton, AB

    "We love our new screen doors!!" D. Halladay - Edmonton, Ab

    "Screen looks great, nice looking on the door and installer was very professional and helpful. Plus we like dealing at Costco." J. D. Murray - Sherwood Park, AB

    "The installer was professional, quick and very friendly. He gave us a good description of what we needed to do and made sure we understood how to properly use the [retractable screen] doors. The Mirage [screen] doors have been put to good use in the last few days and we have neighbours coming over to take a look at them." E. Harvey - Edmonton, AB

    "Installer very nice. Quality installation." G. Bochek - Sherwood Park

    "Delivery was prompt and their installers did a good job." K. Torpey - Edmonton, AB

    "There were two [Mirage] screen doors already installed in our house when we purchased it. We liked them and wanted more, once we found them at Costco, we arranged to have them installed by the local dealer. Zyla did a great job!" G. & C. Friesen - Spruce Grove, AB

    "Zyla Industries were very professional both by phone and in person. I will not hesitate to recommend them to everyone whom I know." D. Naugler - Blackfalds, AB

    "Looks great and I can't wait for next summer." I. Zazulak - Sturgeon Country, AB

    "The [retractable screens] installer very professional and courteous." P. Minnaar - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Ordered retractable screen door through Costco and was contacted very quickly by the installer. I had my screen door installed within a couple of days and am very pleased with it. Will definitely recommend to family and friends." L. Brown - Edmonton, AB

    "Looks awesome. Simple to operate and looks neat." D. Khakina - Edmonton, AB

    "We had the [retractable screen] door installed a few years ago on the front door and it performed excellent. We had another installed on the back door today to be ready for the good weather." R. Cannon - Edmonton, AB

    "The dealer was knowledgeable; he has provided quick and excellent service." V. Reddy - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Very good, professional service!" S. Price - Edmonton, AB

    "Found the dealer very thorough and helpful..wonderful job." C. Roth - Leduc, AB

    "Fast, clean, efficient and very pleasant." M. Hirst - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Top notch dealer- Jason was excellent." D. Fry - St. Albert, AB

    "Couldn't believe how quickly the [retractable] screen was installed!" L. Morris - Edmonton, AB

    "Love my new [retractable] screen door! Installation was on time, professional and took less than an hour - awesome!!" B. Kostick - Sherwood Park, AB

    "Works and looks great. Thanks." B. McCaig - Edmonton, AB

    "The installation was very quick. The [retractable] screens are very nice and easy to open and close. Having the two retractable screen doors on the main floor has made a big difference in cooling down our home on hot days." J. Stock - Edmonton, AB

    "I have checked many other retractable [screen] doors, and this is by far the most solid, heavy duty one I cold find. The price was comparable. The dealer was helpful, and quick to respond to any questions. Jason was on time for the installation and he was very polite and did the job well and quickly. I am very pleased with the purchase/installation." M. McGregor - Edmonton, AB

    "The whole process went very smoothly from the time of purchase of the Mirage Screen up to and including the installation. We love the [retractable] screen and have been asked by friends where we purchased it and who installed it. We are happy to share the information." J. Melvin - Edmonton, AB

    "The dealer was a pleasure to deal with. He was efficient and on time." L. Goody - Edmonton, AB

    "Our overall experience was excellent. Jason was on time, very friendly, professional and did a great install. The high quality of the Mirage screen door is evident and it works as promised. I will recommend Mirage [screen] doors to friends." D. Brown - Red Deer, AB

    "Great service. Fast and efficient installation. I was impressed with the difference in quality between Mirage and other retractable screen systems." S. Reid - Edmonton, AB

    "Jason Zyla was timely and very professional. He answered all questions very patiently and provided excellent customer service. We are very happy with the quality of the Mirage screen too." K. Kaipenchery - Edmonton, AB

    "Super fast installation. My retractable screen door was installed in 30 minutes! Easy to use and very durable." C. Sware - Edmonton, AB

    "I was really surprised at how quick it was installed. The tech was friendly and professional and walked me through how it worked." S. Bruneau - Sherwood Park, AB

    "They were a pleasure to talk to when I was interested in purchasing the [retractable] screen doors, and very professional with the installation. The installation of each of the four retractable screen doors went smoothly and the doors work well. I am delighted with the doors and would recommend this dealer to others." Edmonton, AB

    "Zyla Industries installed (2) two retractable screens in our home. He was excellent, professional and we are very happy with the Mirage product." Lacombe, AB

    "Great service by Zyla, installed quickly and within 2 weeks of purchase from Costco Wholesale. VERY satisfied with my screen, it works great and looks amazing!" New Sarepta, AB

    "He was fast, friendly and got here on short notice before my daughter's wedding." Edmonton, AB

    "He was on time for the appointment. Good service, fast installing the two screens and very friendly. The price of the [retractable] screens with installation was very good." Leduc, AB

    "Time frame for installations was right on and the time for the install was amazingly fast. A very efficient and pleasurable buying experience. I have recommended this product to several friends." Edmonton, AB

    "I had been interested in a new retractable screen because a screen I'd had for a while had broken and I wanted a quality product to replace it. Walking through Costco one day I came across the Mirage display. I absolutely love it!!! It's strong, looks fabulous, and works like a charm. Thank you Mirage." Sherwood Park, AB

    "Love the screen door. We had a similar one in our last place but it wasn't near the quality of this [retractable screen] door. The service rep was excellent." Edmonton, AB

    "Exceptional, friendly service both with the seller and installer. The two [retractable] screen doors were installed in no time. Now we have a wonderful breeze blowing through and the mosquitoes can stay outdoors!" Sherwood Park, AB

    "The best I have seen so we bought two for the front doors and one for the back and threw away the 'other' ones we had." Penhold, AB

    "We had looked at several types of retractable screens, but the Mirage was by far the best quality & the installation was fast, efficient and pleasant!" Edmonton, AB

    "I was aware of similar products on the market however the Mirage product appeared to be the better quality product viewed. The ease of operation and the sturdy structure and the thought that went into the product sold me on Mirage and we are so happy with the [retractable] screen door. It allows movement on those days when AC is not required but the house "feels" stuffy. Way to go Mirage. Thank you." Ardrossen, AB

    "Excellent service all the way through! Great guy sold it to me at Costco and an excellent tech installed it. Love it! Works excellent and is so much nicer than a huge screen door." Red Deer, AB

    "Jason, the installer was excellent. He was very courteous, explained the product, warranty and was obviously proud of the product he installed. We are very happy with our experience and the product. We will recommend Zyla Industries and Mirage to our family and friends." St. Albert, AB

    "Arrived when they said they would, quick, efficient and clean workmanship. Doors look lovely, and the workers were courteous and patient. Well done!!" Edmonton, AB

    "We had installed another brand on our back door from a home improvement store a few years back. We where never really satisfied and had decided to change it out. During a Costco event we decided to get the back door changed and at the same time have one installed on the front door. The difference in quality and ease of use is beyond words. Mirage is an excellent product. The Installation Tech from Zyla was very professional and pleasant as well." Red Deer, AB

    "So far I am very happy and will tell more people about this. I had no idea about these inventions until I purchased new windows and doors for my home. Every time we walk by our door it seems like someone forgot to shut the door because it is so transparent feeling. Much better than a shabby storm door that isn't needed if you have a good main door anyway." Gibbons, AB

    "Very Friendly and knowledgeable about product. Installation is very fast, installer was very professional and friendly." Red Deer, AB

    "It was quick to install without disrupting our weekend. Our installer was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We feel that this is an excellent product for allowing air flow throughout our upstairs without letting any bugs come into our home." Red Deer, AB

    "The Sales Rep, Dave, was very informative about the product, its function and durability. Wasn't pushy or overbearing. Jason the installer was quick, efficient and had no problems installing the product. He too was informative having me test the function of the door and articulating proper maintenance and the warranty. Excellent service. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product." Red Deer, AB

    "I love the [retractable] screen, bought one for our back door last summer, it was great. Bought another one this spring for our front door. My sister has a different brand and the magnet tends to come unhooked every now and again at the slightest touch. Our dogs ran into ours a couple times until they got used to it and the screen never unhooked once. Great product. Also, it only took a half hour to install from the time the installer came to when he left. Thank you very much." St. Albert, AB

    "Dealer/Installer was first rate. Good communication, kept the appointment, and was courteous. Good experience and I would recommend him." Edmonton, AB

    "Great installation! Very happy with this quality product." Edmonton, AB

    "Excellent product. Very professional installers. Extremely happy with product." Edmonton, AB

    "The two gentlemen at Costco were great and very professional. It took no time at all to install." Fort Saskatchewan, AB

    "Excellent interaction...concise information provided and the installer was very efficient, careful, and professional. The [retractable] screen works so 'smoothly' -- love it!" Fort Saskatchewan, AB

    "Very professional, very courteous, very neat." St. Albert, AB

    "Great! Fast, efficient and friendly service. Like the quality of the product and the warranty it comes with." Leduc, AB

    "I was very impressed with the [retractable screen] installation and how they looked after the install. Jason was very professional and did an excellent clean up. I would recommend Jason to any friends interested in the Mirage Screen System." Edmonton, AB

    "Overall a great experience. The installers and sales people were very friendly, helpful and accommodating. The installer in the Edmonton area named Jason, was particularly accommodating and really cared about his quality of work." Edmonton, AB

    "Great customer service from Jason. In a world of lousy service, Jason went out of his way to get the job done and done well!" Tofield, AB

    "The [retractable screen] door was ready to install when we were told and the installation went flawless. The [screen] door looks and works smoother than we thought it would. Now time will tell concerning its performance. We are very pleased." Edmonton, AB

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