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Bold City Screens, Inc.

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Bold City Screens, Inc.
Keystone Heights, Florida 32656 United States
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Mirage Screens Keystone Heights, FL – Dealer Info


Founded in July of 2015, Bold City Screens is focused on customer service and satisfaction. Bold City Screens specializes in everything in the screening business. Dylan Bennett’s primary goals behind managing Bold City Screens, is to give his customers the knowledge that they need to make the decision that is best for their home screening projects.

Bold City Screens is pleased to offer their clients Mirage retractable screen products. Mirage Screen Systems Inc. has been manufacturing top quality retractable screen systems in North American since 1997. Mirage retractable screen doors can be placed on just about any opening!

Are you looking for a reliable screen door from someone who prides themselves on customer satisfaction?

For more information on Mirage Retractable Screen Systems in Keystone Heights, FL call Dylan at 1-844-591-5191 or send an email for your free in home consultation!

Bold City Screens, Inc. Keystone Heights, FL – An Authorized Retractable Screens Dealer for Mirage Screen Systems

Products & Services

Bold City Screens dedicates themselves to offering an array of services from full rescreens to refurbishing screen components. Bold City Screens also has annual maintenance packages that can include pressure washing your deck and enclosure, gutter cleaning, screen repair, the removal of debris from your enclosure roof, screen door maintenance, and much more.


Specializing in screen enclosures, Bold City Screens also provides the following products:

  • Backyard Patio & Residential Mist Cooling Systems
  • Mirage Screen Doors
  • Lanai Bright LED Enclosure Lighting
  • Partial Rescreens
  • Full Rescreens
  • Screen Component Refurbishments

Bold City Screens, Inc. Areas Serviced

Bold City Screens offers services to the following areas located in the Northern part of the Sunshine State:

  • Jacksonville
  • St. Augustine
  • Daytona
  • Palm Coast
  • Gainesville
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Pensacola
  • Destin
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