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Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Phone: 505-670-8300


About Dealer

Jeff Buechler has owned Cleaning Edge since 1992 and has many satisfied customers around Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico to prove it.

Cleaning Edge originally started as a window cleaning and screen repair company in New Mexico. After recognizing the need many homeowners had for quality retractable screen doors and window screens (that would also look great without obstructing the view of their yards and mountains beyond), Jeff became an Authorized New Mexico Mirage Screens dealer for the Santa Fe NM area.

Jeff’s customers, who have had Mirage Screens doors and windows installed, love how the retractable screens help keep out bugs and allow for a cool breeze to flow through the home. The retractable screens also help to minimize the need for expensive air conditioning during the hot New Mexico summers by maximizing cross ventilation and taking advantage of natural air flow.

“I personally measure, sell & install.” – Jeff Buechler, Owner of Cleaning Edge.

Jeff will come to your home, demonstrate how Mirage retractable screens work, present all your color options, and professionally measure your space. His Santa Fe screen door and window installation is flawless and you’ll have a top functioning retractable screen system for years to come!

If you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico, and are looking for high quality retractable screen doors or window screens to help reduce your AC costs and keep bugs out, call Jeff Buechler at 505-670-8300 or send him an email.

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Cleaning Edge in Santa Fe New Mexico is an authorized Dealer for Mirage Retractable Screens.

Products Offered


Single Entry Screens


French Door Screens


Patio Slider Screens


Oversized Screens




“I have had an excellent experience with Jeff Buechler of Cleaning Edge in Santa Fe. He went above and beyond expectations to make sure that everything worked perfectly.”

L. Foley – Santa Fe, NM

“Excellent all the way around. Jeff Buechler provided thoughtful and thorough attention to detail from beginning to end. Provided well above average service on what I hope will be a quality product for us.”

S. McIntyre – Santa Fe, NM

Experienced, timely, professional, prompt….a cheerful fellow.”

E. Robechek – Santa Fe, NM

“Dealer was very friendly and informative”

G. Ramsey III – Santa Fe, NM

“Looks great; powerful magnet to keep the screen closed”

L. Hansen – Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff is great. He did a good job of providing information to select a suitable product. Clean and courteous installation. Could not ask for more!”

C. Brummer – Santa Fe, NM

“I’m very pleased with my new retractable screen door and with the contractor who installed it.”

David Webber – Santa Fe, NM

“Dealer was a pleasure to work with from sales through installation.” 

J. Puissant – Albuquerque, NM

“Love the screens and the sales rep/installer was professional, friendly, and knowledgable.”

D. Skinner Belyeu – Albuquerque, NM

“Jeff was easy to work with and very competent. An overall positive experience.” 

P. Ostrovsky – Santa Fe, NM

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