Horizon Garage Door Screens

Motorized Garage Door Screens – Improved Comfort and Entertainment

H2800-3By virtue of their size and location, most garages could use a little more light and airflow.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity your garage door opening provides with a Mirage large opening retractable screened garage system that can brighten or shade the space and maximize airflow in the room without you having to deal with the nuisance of flying insects or debris?

The extra light and air can make working in the garage more comfortable as well as provide you the opportunity to use it as a multipurpose space whenever you like. The added benefits and protection of a garage screening system will let you convert from “storage space” to “entertainment area” in a very short time.

Accommodating new design trends

An emerging trend has homeowners using glass panel sectional garage doors in the main living spaces as a space efficient opening with a modern/industrial design feel to it. This type of opening can easily be screened with a Mirage retractable horizontal system so that, when the door is open the screen will keep insects and debris out and, when the doors are closed, retractable sun screen mesh for garages can increase sun shading as needed.

Flexible Mirage garage screen enclosures

H70002Depending on the size of your garage opening, one of our four large opening models of Mirage retractable screen systems will fit it. Motorized or manual, there is a Horizon screen that will work for your application and can be installed so there is no interference to your garage door.

  • Horizon 2800 – for smaller openings (max. 12’ W x 9’H)
  • Horizon 5000 – for medium-sized openings (max. 19.5’ W x 14’H)
  • Horizon 5500 – for medium–sized openings (max. 20’ W x 12’H)
  • Horizon 7000 – for large openings (max. 25’ W x 16’H)

Choose a manual retractable garage screen door or one of our motorized options including a wall-mount remote control option, hand-held switch option, or sensor activated automatic garage screen door option.

Customized colors and finishes for any home

At Mirage, we go out of our way to compliment the design and color choices you’ve made for your home by making a retractable garage screen door system that is almost invisible, but still provides the comfort and protection you want.

Whether you choose one of the dozens of latest architectural colors or a custom color matched to your home, each of these is specially formulated to be resistant to the damaging effects of salt water spray and UV rays. Learn more about our full range of colors plus custom mixing options.

Retractable Garage Door Screens Made to Last Longer

Mirage has a commitment to quality that enables us to offer our Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty  giving customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Learn more about the advantages of Mirage retractable screens for garage doors by locating a dealer in your area.