What is a Mirage Dealership?

The Makings of a Successful Mirage Retractable Screen Business

At Mirage Retractable Screen Systems there’s a growing group of independent businesses that represent the Mirage screens product line in their local communities. Our Mirage screen dealers tell us that they were attracted by a combination of:

  • High quality retractable screening solutions
  • Excellent dealer training
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Unequaled customer service

Many of our Mirage screen customers refer not only our unique screening products but also our retractable screen door dealers to their friends and family.

Businesses That Become Mirage Dealerships

The majority of our Mirage dealerships include the following types of businesses:

  • Small owner-operated businesses (such as local home renovations experts, handymen)
  • Home building retail companies (with custom installation departments)
  • Door & window companies
  • Garage door installations
  • Fixed screen sales & repair
  • Door contractors and door manufacturers
  • Window covering businesses
  • Sun control specialists
  • Teachers, ex-corporate, firefighters, early retirees, etc. (individuals looking to become their own boss)

Sharing the Pie

Mirage Screen Systems understands that our retractable screen dealers need to be successful in order for us to succeed. This is why we limit the number of Mirage dealerships in any particular market. By employing a system of semi-exclusive territories, we deliberately avoid saturating territories and do our best to ensure our screen dealers have the population and sales volume they need to not only succeed, but also thrive.

Supporting Mirage Dealer Success

At Mirage Screen Systems we go out of our way to help our retractable screen business dealerships learn the best installation and service techniques for our complete line of Mirage retractable screen systems by providing the following.

Access to the Mirage Screens Installation Library

Mirage screen dealers can easily train themselves and their staff on measuring, servicing and installing Mirage screen products.

Online Dealer Locator and Referrals

Qualifying Mirage screen dealerships are provided with a dealer profile page, featuring their full range of services and products plus dealer locator listings.

Customizable Screen Marketing Materials

Retractable screen brochures, signage, rack cards, and other marketing materials can all be easily customized for your Mirage dealership to make them appropriate for your local market and campaigns.

Easy Screen Shipping Options

Cross border retractable screen shipments are not a problem with our Easy-Ship program that allows you to take advantage of our great rates with shipping companies and keeps the process simple.

24/7 Access to the Mirage Screens Web Store

Order retractable screen products or download marketing materials (and much more) from anywhere, at any time.

Continuous Product Development

Our screen dealers count on Mirage as the top retractable screen brand in the industry; one they take pride in selling and installing. Mirage Screen Systems continuously works to ensure that our retractable screening products are innovative, durable, and dependable.

Mirage Dealership Roles Clarified

While our retractable screen business dealership agreements very clearly spell out the nature of our relationships with dealers, it’s also important to know and understand that a Mirage dealership:

  • Is not a franchise, nor a joint venture with the dealer
  • Is not a distributor-type arrangement
  • Is not a private label product that can be re-branded under another name
  • Is not a Do-It-Yourself Product for sale to consumers without installation

Inquire About Becoming A Mirage Screens Dealer

Mirage Screens Systems Inc. has been manufacturing the industry’s best retractable window screens and retractable screen doors for nearly two decades (since 1997) and we now have a network of Mirage dealerships across Canada and the US.

Learn more about the benefits of starting your retractable screen business with Mirage and contact us to find out more about dealership opportunities in your area. We’re always looking for experienced and professional retractable screen door dealers!