Mirage Screen Systems Mission & Philosophy


Mirage Screen Systems Inc. is a company people enjoy being associated with. We are a world-class supplier of Retractable Screen Systems consistent with our “core competencies”. We develop and control distribution of our products across North America, which we consider to be our “home market”. We also use other distribution networks to market our products throughout the rest of the world.


Mirage Screen Systems Inc. is a group of people trying to do something that no one individual could do alone. As a group, we believe that we will succeed or fail based on our ability and desire to serve those whom we touch. In order of priority, we believe in service to the following people:

  1. Our Customers – this in the form of quality products, delivered on time, and at competitive prices.
  2. Our Suppliers and Creditors – this in the form of effective communication, support and security of investment.
  3. Our Community – this in the form of support and responsible corporate citizenship.
  4. Our Employees – this in the form of security, competitive remuneration, support for personal development, and having fun.
  5. Our Shareholders – this in the form of security of investment and a reasonable return of investment capital.

It is our desire to serve, and in doing so, we believe we can live well.

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