Retractable screen doors are insect screens that roll into compact housing. They are designed to not interfere with your regular door’s functioning, and you only see the retractable screen door when it is in use. The retractable screen extends from the housing and is held in place by a magnetic latch. The screen retracts with the help of a spring-loaded roller tube that is built into the unit housing. The majority of homeowners prefer a retractable screen door over more traditional swinging screen doors as they do not obstruct landscape or vista views.

Mirage retractable screen doors are available throughout North America from our authorized dealers.

Yes, they are! Mirage retractable screen doors are built with sturdy aluminum, strong springs, and high-quality plastic components. When properly maintained, our customers can enjoy our screen doors for decades. Learn more about Mirages’ built-to-last mantra!

Mirage retractable screen doors are fully customizable to fit almost any type or size of a door, including in-swing and out-swing doors. Mirage Screens also work on French (double) doors and sliding glass patio doors. Your local screen door dealer can custom install your new Mirage retractable screen door; up to 108” high and up to 60” wide (or 120” wide for a French door). We offer large opening retractable screen doors and motorized retractable screen doors.

In a side-by-side comparison, our product’s quality components are evident. The smooth running of Mirage screens is a key differentiator of our product – the guides on our screens are larger and infused with Teflon. Our Pivot Pro handle allows the user to easily open the screen, and its design is simple and won’t break down over time. These features add up to a retractable screen door that is unparalleled in the market.

An authorized Mirage dealer will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate.

Re-screening our retractable screen doors isn’t a big deal. Just contact your local authorized Mirage dealer to arrange a re-screening appointment.

Our annual maintenance plan recommends that you clean and clear the tracks once a year, vacuum the housing for dirt and debris, and then liberally lubricate the top and bottom tracks and plastic guides with Mirage’s silicone spray lubricant (available from your dealer). You can read details about door screen cleaning and maintenance or speak directly with your local Mirage dealer.

Yes! With our secure Super Magnet latch system that is 3x stronger than our competitor latches, you can be sure that the Mirage retractable screen door will stay closed. The Mirage Super Magnet latch is anti-corrosive, unlike any other competitor screen system, which means no more rust.

We offer a wide selection of colors, including eight standard colors and 18 designer screen colors. Your Mirage Screen dealer can help you pick a color that blends with your home’s style or makes a bold statement.