Mirage Screen Releases Horizon 4800 Motorized Retractable Screen

Mirage is excited to release a new addition to our product line with the Horizon 4800 motorized screen for large openings. The H4800 offers a top tier motorized retractable that will transform your outdoor living space. The H4800 is perfect for blocking harmful UV rays and keeping pesky bugs & insects out!

Insect Control

Enjoy your outdoor living space without the nuisance of pesky bugs and insects. The retained edges of the H4800 will completely seal the edges of your screened in area and also provide some shading from the sun. Sun Control

The H4800 can be used on the exterior of your home to keep damaging UV rays and heat out. This screening system will also reduce your air conditioning costs by enabling cross-ventilation in your home, keeping your family comfortable and bugs out!

Benefits of H4800:

  • Protects your home from UV rays
  • Creates climate controlled spaces
  • Object detection
  • Privacy & blackout screen options
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Extensive home automation options
  • Rounded hood profile
  • Increases airflow and protects your home from insects

The H4800 screen system can span openings up to 22 feet in width and 16 feet in height, and is perfect for applications such as garage doors, patios and gazebos. The screen system functions with a top tier Somfy motor, which can be controlled through your mobile device or a handheld remote. You can also control your screen through wind or sun censors. To view the official press release of the H4800 click here If you are interested in this product please visit the H4800 product page or contact your local Mirage screens dealer and they will be happy to answer any questions!

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