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    Bringing 35+ Years of Building Experience to Central and Northern Ontario. When you are building your outdoor living space, Porch to Pier is the only contact you need! In addition to a number of building solutions such as decking, railings, and windows, Porch to Pier proudly offers the #1 solution for your window and door screening needs – Mirage Screen Systems! Mirage lets you truly open up your home or cottage to the outdoors without having to worry about flying insects invading your space. The Mirage retractable screen system tucks away when not in use so as not to block the magnificent views found only in and around Georgian Bay. Mirage Screens can also be installed as retractable screens for large openings such as sunrooms, gazebos, patios, and balconies. Choose from manual or motorized retractable screens, and opt for added UV Protection or engineered wind blocking. Of course, all Mirage Horizon large opening screens offer great insect protection and shading, allowing you to maximize the use of your cottage’s best rooms. As your local Mirage Screens dealer in Parry Sound and Northern Ontario, Porch to Pier proudly services communities throughout Parry Sound, Muskoka, and the Georgian Bay area. Give us a call at 705-746-8333 or visit our showroom on Highway 124 to discuss how Mirage can solve your screening challenges, plus the many other ways that Porch to Pier can help you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Porch to Pier Parry Sound ON – An Authorized Dealer for Mirage Retractable Screens

    Dealer's Product Offerings

    Retractable Screen Doors

    Enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces with a seamless and smooth retractable screen systems designed to fit all regular, French, and sliding doors.

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    Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors

    Your screening solution for large openings in your home. Whether it’s a bi-fold door or a multi-panel sliding door— the large opening retractable screen has you covered.

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    Motorized Screens

    Extend your living space with a large opening motorized screen. Screen your garage or patio area for a bug-free and UV-protected space.

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    Discover valuable tips and information on retractable and motorized screens, home design, and home ventilation from the leading manufacturers and experts in the industry. 

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    With the arrival of sweltering summer months, now is the time that people generally shut their windows, turn up their AC, and brace for higher electric bills.

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    Large opening in your home? What screen is the right choice?

    Finding the right screen option to suit your needs can be difficult if your home has particularly large openings, such as multi-paneled sliding doors or bi-fold doors.

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    How to Find the Perfect Retractable Screen for Your Space

    Selecting the best retractable screen for your space can significantly enhance your outdoor experience by providing unobstructed views while keeping you protected from insects and debris. However, choosing the right screen requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and budget.

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    Discover the Top 5 Outdoor Home Trends for 2023

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    Whether you’re concerned about the maintenance of installing a screen door or repairing your own, this complete guide covers everything from preventing tears to repairing the damage.

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    Factors that Affect the Cost of Retractable Screens for Patios

    Imagine extending your home’s living space, making it an enchanting oasis where you can enjoy every season in cozy comfort. From sun-soaked summer days to frosty winter evenings, a patio screen system is here to elevate your outdoor living experience. When it comes to patio screens, retractable screens are a great way to add versatility and privacy at home – but there’s more than just the obvious factors that affect their cost.

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    How Do Retractable Screen Doors Work and Improve Your Home’s Functionality?

    People are always coming up with new ideas and inventions for the home. One of these inventions, the retractable screen door, has offered a level of protection, aesthetic, and functionality to homes.

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    Enjoy the Outdoors with Retractable Screens for French Doors

    French doors are a popular choice for homeowners due to their elegant style, ability to let in natural light, and easy access to the outdoors. But what about keeping unwanted insects and debris out while still allowing for ventilation and airflow?

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