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The Mirage 3500
Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors

Designed for Large Openings With Quality Materials

Enjoy the view without obstructions with the Mirage 3500 that’s designed for wide-span coverage. Our custom large opening screen is the perfect solution to extend your living area and complement your bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors.

Large Opening
Retractable Screen Door Application


Pivot Pro Handle


Roll Up


Large Opening
Retractable Screen Door

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pivot Pro Handle

Smooth Running

Spans to 14ft Wide

Retained Mesh


We have the perfect fit for every door in your home, including retractable screens for porches, garages, patios, and more.

Our large opening retractable screen covers up to a maximum width of 14 feet (28 feet for double doors) and 10 feet high.

Customized to Blend in with Your Home

The sleek housing tucks discreetly to the side of your door frame so it goes unnoticed when not in use.
Choose from four standard colors or special-order other colors that will blend in with your home’s design.

Midnight Black

Polar White



Large Opening
Retractable Screen Door

Living Area Expansion



Customized Fit



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