Aesthetically Appealing Screens for French Doors

You appreciate the visual bridge and extra daylight that French doors can offer between two rooms, or indoors and outdoors.

And while you want to take advantage of this along with the many other benefits that French doors can offer your home, you aren’t willing to welcome the bugs and other pests inside.

Let Mirage Screen Systems help you take full advantage of the beauty and benefits of French doors with our customized retractable screens for French doors.

These screens for French doors will expand your living space by opening up a balcony or patio, improve the flow of light and air between indoors and outdoors, and keep pesky insects out of your home. You and your family can bask in the protection of a fully screened space (of up to 108” high x 110” wide) that discreetly tucks away and is out of sight when not in use.

Designed to Pair with In-Swing and Out-Swing French Doors

Mirage French door screens can be installed on both in-swing and out-swing French doors. The retractable screen is stored in a small housing when not in use, making it near invisible and out of the way. With French screen doors that meet in the middle of the opening, Mirage systems won’t hide your French doors nor compromise their benefits.

Customized French Door Screens for Your Home

With the time you’ve likely spent choosing the design and color scheme for your home, we believe it’s our job is to compliment your design choices. Plus, your double or French door likely features beautiful glass panels that offer stunning views of the outdoors.

Therefore, we set out to make the protection and comfort offered by our retractable screen systems the shining star, accompanied by a nearly invisible installation and colors options that blend perfectly with your design.

At Mirage we are happy to offer dozens of the latest architectural colors. We use specially formulated finishes that are resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays and salt water spray. We offer a full range of colors plus custom French door screen options.

French Door Screens That are Built to Last Longer

We work to ensure our French door retractable screen systems withstand the test of time with high-quality aluminum, plastics, mechanical parts, and powder coating. We’re proud to offer our Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty that gives customers the peace of mind you deserve.