9 Simple Steps to a Fresher Home this Summer

Muggy and humid days will make you and your home feel uncomfortable. But there are some quick tasks that you can do each day to create a more pleasant climate inside and enjoy your time at home this summer.

Here are some tips to freshen up your home during the summer heat without the need of air conditioning.

1. Open up your doors and windows in the evening and early mornings when it is cool outside. Be sure that you also have screening installed to avoid mosquitos. Mirage Retractable Screens let in the most fresh air and are out of the way when not in use.

retractable screen doors in use to allow fresh air inside

2. Perform a nightly ‘air-flush’ by creating cross-ventilation in your home

Take step one to the next level and add a nightly ‘air-flush’ to your evening routine. This can be done naturally with all of your windows and doors open and then waiting for a breeze. But you can also place fans in front of your screened doors to force even more fresh air in.

3. Install window fans

Install window fans Pair step 1 and 2 with installed window fans on the upper floor of your home. These devices are budget friendly. Simply sit them in your window frame and efficiently cool your home. Turn them on in the evening to push cool air into your home.

4. Keep your bathroom fans going

Bathroom fans help to reduce humidity and pull rising hot air right out of your home. You can also buy dehumidifiers which help to remove moisture in the air. Don’t forget to check that your fans are clean. If they are clogged with dust and debris, they won’t move air as efficiently.

5. Avoid using your stove or oven

Summer cooking is best on the BBQ! If you can’t do without baking during the summer, try to do it in the evening – during your nightly ‘air-flush’.

6. Close your windows, doors, blinds and curtains while the hot sun is glaring into your home during the day

This will help to reduce the heat that comes into your home so you can keep that cool air from the night before.

7. Keep interior doors closed in your home

If you have south or west facing unused rooms with large windows, consider keeping them closed off to the rest of your home during the day. Keep their heat contained until you can open them up to the outside in the evening.

8. Look for opportunities to shade outside

Strategically place a patio umbrella or other outdoor furniture to block sunlight from entering your home. You can also install shades on your windows. Check out Mirage’s Horizon 4800 screens that are motorized and have sun screening options!

9. Check that your attic is insulated

If it isn’t, adding insulation can be pretty cost-efficient and serves a dual purpose. It keeps heat out in the summer and keeps heat in your home during the winter.

The best strategies to cooling your home and keeping it feeling fresh without air conditioning, involve two simple rules.

Flush the air in your home during the evening (open your home!) and then keep the hot air out during the day (close it up!).

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