Choosing A Quality Retractable Screen Door

While screen doors may seem like a simple product that is similar across brands, retractable screen doors, in particular, are different. There are many factors that make them smoother and more durable to ensure that they stand the test of time. While screen doors may seem like a simple product that is similar across brands, retractable screen, especially retractable screen doors.  When choosing a retractable screen door, you want to look at some of the key features that will make all the difference.

1. It lasts for years – A proprietary brass bushing in the Mirage retractable screen housing cap ensures the screen will last for decades.

2. Durability – Mirage has a variety of durable mesh options such as the classic fiberglass mesh to a Tuffscreen pet mesh. The mesh will be sure to keep up with your lifestyle.

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3. The Smoothness – Mirage Retractable Screens have Teflon infused and wider guides that allow the door to run smoothly along its tracks.

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4. The Pivot Pro handle – Available only with Mirage, the Pivot Pro allows for a smooth, easy release every time you open the door.

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5. Magnetic latch system– A magnetic latch system allows for a secure closing mechanism and easy opening when needed.

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When you choose a retractable screen door that has all the key features, you can rest assured you will not only have a bug- free home and natural airflow, but you will have ease of use. When you research the right brand for you, your indoor/outdoor living experience will be much more enjoyable.

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