Your Complete Guide to Retractable Screen Door Maintenance

Mirage’s retractable screen doors are designed to provide years of hassle-free enjoyment. We take as much pride in manufacturing the highest quality products as you do in your well-maintained home. Like all home features, regular upkeep is required to retain its pristine condition. Retractable screen door maintenance is important to protect your investment and ensure the long-term enjoyment of your Mirage Screen. It minimizes screen door repairs and ensures that your screen remains in top condition. 

Whether you’re concerned about the maintenance of installing a screen door or repairing your own, this complete guide covers everything from preventing tears to repairing the damage.

Maintenance and Care Recommendations


The first step to take with retractable screen door maintenance is good cleaning. Regularly cleaning the bottom screen door track of debris, small stones, and pet hair is the best way to prevent screen door repair. This ensures that nothing will become lodged in the track and that the screens will continue to run smoothly. We recommend doing this at least once a month for optimal results. Use a vacuum with a soft, upholstery brush attachment to reach into every crevice. Additionally, we recommend that you clean the tracks, housing, and screen mesh once a year with warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth.


Lubrication is another great form of upkeep that is best done at least once every year. Following the annual screen door cleaning, lubricate the tracks with a good-quality silicone spray lubricant. This prevents friction that will cause wear and tear leading you to repair retractable screen doors. Take notice of high-traffic or dusty areas. Cleaning and lubrication will be needed more frequently in these particular spots.

Placing a visibility decal

You might wonder what importance a visibility decal plays in retractable screen door maintenance and if they are necessary. Until your family becomes used to the screen, a decal is useful in preventing your screen door from accidentally being walked into when in use. It’s best to avoid injuries obtained by running headlong into a screen door. 

You can obtain a decal from your Mirage dealer and apply it to the mesh at eye height to keep the screen more visible while it is new.


Many do not think about storage as a form of maintenance, but our storage solution is elegant and convenient. Retract the Mirage screen door into its housing when not in use. This will help keep it clean and keep the screen from being damaged by the elements like wind. While the screen does work well in a moderate breeze, strong wind gusts may blow the mesh out of the top and bottom tracks causing undue wear that is not covered by warranty. Storing your retractable screen door in unfavorable weather is an easy way to avoid unnecessary screen door repairs.

Please note that combinations of screen door mesh fabric, fabric production lot, unit size, location, and wind conditions may cause variations in the screen fabric’s appearance and smoothness of extension and retraction of the unit.

Inspecting the tracks

We recommend you regularly inspect the tracks of your retractable screen doors as part of your maintenance routine. A visual inspection will alert you of any possible obstructions that could damage your screen doors. The easiest time to do this is while opening or closing the doors when you can just look down and observe the track. When cleaning, take the opportunity to inspect the track from close up and check if anything appears out of the ordinary. This is the best way to prevent any damage before it occurs.

Finding a reliable repair service in the area

Have a plan in place in case any damage occurs so that you can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Finding a reliable repair service in your area gives you peace of mind when any problem occurs. You want someone who knows how to repair a retractable screen door within a convenient location. Make use of Mirage Screen Systems’ extensive dealer network as a resource.

Other tips to minimize screen door repairs

If you have any furry family members, introduce them to the screen door and demonstrate how to use it properly. Train your pets to respect it as you would any other household fixture.

For additional screen door repair information, you can view our retractable door screen FAQs.

Addressing common issues

Screen not retracting properly

If your screen is difficult to retract, there is probably not enough screen tension. A possible solution is to increase tension in the recoil mechanism. It is advised to refrain from attempting to fix the screen yourself, as it could potentially result in additional damage. We suggest identifying the issue and reaching out to your installer for assistance. They will take the necessary steps to resolve the problem, which may involve removing the retractable screen door and utilizing a tensioning ratchet on the spring end of the mechanism to increase spring tension.

Screen not closing completely

To repair the retractable screen door, you will need to check to see if the framing is loose and test the door. Call a professional installer to remove the door from its hinges, fix the framing, and reinstall it.

Screen coming off the track

This is commonly caused by an issue with the wheels. Inspect the wheels, make sure they spin freely, and apply lubricant to the axles. Ask a professional installer to adjust the wheels or replace them when they are cracked or flattened.

Torn or damaged parts

Mirage Screen Systems offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our retractable screen door products. If you encounter any torn or damaged parts, please contact one of our authorized screen door dealers to ask about replacements.

Ensure Proper Functionality & Longevity of Your Retractable Screen Doors

Following these retractable screen door maintenance and care recommendations, like cleaning, lubricating, and storing, will help protect your investment and minimize screen door repairs. For help with addressing common issues, make sure to contact a Mirage screen specialist. We value our customers and want to make sure you get maximum, long-term enjoyment from our products.

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