How to Maintain your Retractable Screen Door

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a retractable screen door or you own a retractable screen… Understanding how to maintain your screen means your door will last you years to come.

Taking care of your retractable screen is crucial. Here are some things you can do to make sure your screen looks and works like new.

1. Clean the track

 – Make sure you clean dirt out of the bottom track as the screen can catch on dirt and tear the screen. You can vacuum and wipe it down with a rag.

 – Spray the top and bottom track with an silicon lubricant. This will keep the tracks well lubricated. Run the screen back and forth on the freshly lubricated area.

2. Keep an eye on the screen if someone runs into it

 – When someone runs into the door, gently press on the mesh to allow it to fall back into the track. Slide it back and forth so it goes back into the housing and stays wrinkle free. The beauty of having a floating screen is that it doesn’t rip when you run into it, or if your dog runs through it.

 – Put a sticker on the bottom or in the middle of the screen to prevent people and animals from running into it.

 – Introduce your pet to the screen by moving it back and forth while they are watching. This will help them understand there is something there.

3. Teach guests and family members how to use the screen


 – Introduce how to best use the screen to guests. This is to avoid issues of people being too aggressive using the screen.

One of our top dealers, Craig Canoy ownerin Scottsdale, Arizona explains how to best clean your retractable screen door in this video.

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