Mirage Screen Systems On Improving Your Living Spaces

We recently participated in an Expert Interview Series with Harry Helmet where we discussed creating comfortable living spaces and the benefits of Mirage Retractable Screens. Here is an excerpt: What are the advantages to homeowners of using retractable screens throughout the house? Retractable screens are literally there when you need them and disappear when you don’t. You no longer need to contend with two doors across your opening 12 months out of the year or block your beautiful entry door with a fixed screen. Many homeowners are often delighted to learn that they can screen out-swinging French doors with Mirage screens. Retractable window screens can be retracted out of the way when cleaning, unlike fixed screens that can be a pain to take out. Unlike traditional door screens that often have an aluminum panel combined into the door, retractable door screens maximize fresh air into your home, give great cross ventilation when multiple doors are screened, and improve the livability and comfort of your indoor space while reducing air-conditioning costs. …read the full article here.

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