Find Your Installer Green Living, Home Improvement How To Improve Airflow In The Home With Mirage Screens

I discovered that Mirage retractable screen door dealers offered the perfect solution for how to improve airflow and air quality inside our home.

Even though my mother was right (yet again) and I can still hear her words, “Go outside and get some fresh air,” I never would have guessed that her well-intentioned parental advice would eventually be backed up with scientific research, quantifying the physical and emotional benefits of this basic philosophy.

But now we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that fresh air can offer us the promise of everything from better sleep and a clearer head to fewer hospital visits and improved cardiovascular circulation.

The Effect of Improved Air Quality On Our Health

Scientific studies have long documented the health benefits of fresh air on humans. While my mom may not have been privy to those studies when I was growing up, she could see the difference a few hours outside made to how I felt and slept.

But today there are additional studies available that show that there are not only improvements to how your lungs and cardiovascular systems function but also when you get fresh air, it’s an easy way to improve everything from your mood to your blood pressure and even how your brain functions!

Increased oxygen in the fresh air you breathe allows your body to provide more oxygen to your cells. If you can maximize the flow of fresh air into the parts of your home where you typically spend a fair amount of time – your bedroom, living room, kitchen, sunroom, or even your garage – you’re going to feel that much better.

Getting natural air into your home can also improve the environment as, depending on the time of year, you can reduce the negative effects of things like air conditioning and air fresheners, things that we often employ to keep our indoors how we want it.

Mirage Screens Improve Airflow and Keep Out the Bugs!

While you may be open to the idea of more fresh air and improved air quality in your home, you’re likely not willing to share your home with the many bugs and insects that sometimes want to come inside when your windows or doors are open.

That’s how using Mirage retractable window screens and retractable screen doors can help. Mirage screen systems keep out the bugs while allowing you to keep your windows and doors open to bring in that beautiful outside fresh air to make you happier and healthier.

So the next time that someone tells you that fresh air can make you smarter, don’t laugh. They’re on to something. Who knows, they may even be using Mirage retractable screens in their home!

Ben Hume
CEO, Mirage Screen Systems

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