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For many homeowners, installing retractable window screens and retractable screen doors offer an easy way to increase the enjoyment of their condominium or strata units but they find it can be a delicate situation if they want to avoid running afoul of the regulations of their Strata Council or Home Owners Association (HOA).

Thankfully, many Mirage customers are letting us know that the increase in satisfaction with their condo or townhouse is only one of many benefits that Mirage retractable screens offer. They also confirm that there are a growing acceptance and easy approval process that our retractable screens typically receive from HOA and strata decision-makers.

With this in mind, more and more condominium owners are excited to find that Mirage retractable screen products can help in numerous ways including:

Complementing NOT compromising the strata
One of the downsides of many functional or decorative add-ons to a strata building can be the lack of an integrated look and feel to the new addition and Strata and HOA councils will typically not approve installations that will change the appearance of the exterior of the building.

Mirage retractable screens retract into a compact housing that can be to the design of your strata or condo building, rendering Mirage screens practically invisible.  Mirage’s balcony screens, solar screens, fly screens, and screen doors offer a perfect solution to this concern.

Because of this color matching and the integrated look, Mirage screen customers often tell us that our retractable window screens and screen doors are more readily approved by their Strata Council. It’s this growing understanding of the flexibility and long-lasting quality of Mirage screen products that make them an easy choice for anyone living in a condo or similar strata unit.

Adding valuable living space to strata living
As land and construction costs continue to rise, the size of condominiums and strata developments is trending downward. Whether you are looking for a retractable strata screen or an entire balcony or terrace condo privacy screen, Mirage screen products can add livable space to your strata unit by offering you comfortable use of your outdoor space.

Mirage screens help to provide increased living space and can also help you reduce energy costs by increasing airflow in your strata unit and taking advantage of natural cross-ventilation.

Rather than using costly air conditioning, retractable screens naturally improve air quality and the overall health of your building. As well, the protective nature of Mirage retractable screens means you don’t need to worry about insects getting in and UV rays damaging your furniture (Mirage Screens offers solar control options for windows and large openings).
Providing high flexibility in how retractable screens are used
With our professional screen installers leading the way, there are a myriad of ways that Mirage screens can be installed, which is another key factor that makes Mirage retractable door and the most practical solution for your strata living.

Whether your unit has an out-swinging door – common in many condominium complexes – or several sets of sliding patio doors, our screen dealers can adapt our products to give you the custom installation you want, without having to sacrifice anything.

Need more information about how a Mirage retractable window screen and retractable screen door can be an easy installation and a well-accepted addition to your condominium or strata unit?

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