The Importance Of Quality Power Coating Finishes

The Importance of Quality Powder Coating Finishes

In the world of retractable screen doors and window screens, aluminum powder coating of the components is integral in the overall quality of the screen product.

Powder coating retractable screen doors and window screen frames are one of the many ways that Mirage’s high-quality products stand out from various other competing screen products. It’s a feature that reflects our corporate philosophy towards quality: doing it right requires added effort in the beginning but ensures that your Mirage screens and your home continue to look great for many years to come.

Why Is Quality Powder Coating So Important?

The importance of quality electrostatic powder coating cannot be understated because powder coating is:

Durable and extremely long lasting – Unlike other finishes that are sprayed on or painted, powder coating is designed to last for years and years of continuous use by using an electrostatic, dry finishing process. Because of this, Mirage retractable screen products are far more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and overall wear and tear compared to other finishes.

Flexible and colorful – With powder coating finishes the range of colors available is vast and, even better, the colors hold up longer under the damaging effects of UV rays because Mirage adds UV inhibitors during the manufacturing process. Our powder coating also resists the effects of salt spray.

Environmentally friendly – The powder coating process is extremely friendly to the environment because, unlike other types of surface paints, there are no solvents involved in the process, and very few key pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are generated during production. As well, any excess powder that is released during the process is easily recovered and reused or safely disposed of rather than being released into the environment.

The Importance of the Details

This is what happens when important quality steps are skipped – NOT a Mirage product!

Powder coat finishes are safer, more colorful, flexible and longer lasting…so why does the quality of an aluminum powder coat finish vary from one supplier to another? The key to long lasting, high-quality powder coating is in the preparation of the aluminum. Even when good quality powders are applied but cured poorly, this will result in a finish that will fade and potentially fall off. If pre-treatment is not done correctly, or key steps are skipped for cost savings, this can result in a powder coat finish that bubbles or the paint peels away, and/or will dissolve under solvent.

Pre-treatment of the aluminum, the curing temperature and duration need to be monitored closely to end up with a quality powder coat finish that will last. Mirage is diligent in ensuring our retractable screen products are treated and powder coated correctly so that the powder coat finish stands the test of time in your home.

Mirage Screen Systems’ retractable screen products exceed the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2604 high-performance paint standards. This is just one of the reasons that we can offer, and live up to, our Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contact your local Mirage Retractable Screen Doors dealer for more information on the quality of Mirage retractable door screens, window screens, and retractable screens for large openings!

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